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Our Philosophy

Built by European craftsmen, Unity in Diversity was created to provide its own perspective on the fashion versus comfort debate. The goal of Unity in Diversity is to design footwear that is both uniquely fashionable and truly comfortable. With the expertise of three generations of shoemakers, Unity in Diversity empowers people to tackle their everyday adventures with style and flair!


Immersed in the multiple realities surrounding us, UiD collection is inspired by its home, Canada. We pull apart many cities at the seams and see what it has to offer. We consider what is under the surface, to find the places less traveled. The spaces and places run by the senses. Canada is unique in many ways, with its diverse cultural and ancient roots; it carries a remarkable source of imagination.

Important to our diverse footwear brand, we explore our local sports, cuisine and music scene; to bring that experience, taste, and sound to our footwear. We want to embody the action, the thrill, the colors, the aroma, the emotions, the energy and richness you feel from our home to your feet. We, at Unity in Diversity, are conscious of our impact on the earth and strive to help our environment by creating shoes that lessen the impact on our beautiful planet.

We offer

[sober_icon_box icon_type=”material” icon_material=”vc-material vc-material-beenhere” title=”High-Grade Leather”]

Exquisite, soft European leather guarantees a sophisticated look and great feel.


[sober_icon_box icon_type=”material” icon_material=”vc-material vc-material-palette” title=”Versatile Colours”]

From red to blue to green, Unity.In.Diversity has a colour to fit any and every occasion.


[sober_icon_box icon_type=”material” icon_material=”vc-material vc-material-settings_input_composite” title=”IG Tech”]

Using a multi density insole, Instant Gratification Technology delivers immediate comfort and support that lasts all day.


Taking great pride in the shoes, our upcoming generations will have lasting footwear with style and comfort that will help take on their day, wherever they may be.